Official BreakAwayMaster Xp|Speed|Challenge Lobby

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Official BreakAwayMaster Xp|Speed|Challenge Lobby

Post  Official Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:49 pm

Hello Website,

1)Don't Yell
2)Don't Fight
3)Don't Put Clan Tag To Co Host If Not Asked

1) EveryDay For My Life I will be hosting mw2 xp challenge lobbies for free
2) Will make you co host For 2$ Paypal
3) Just Send Me A Message On Xbox:GT BreakAwayMaster Or My Co Host EliTE DreaMerHD

Lobby Times:
1)Monday-Friday 2:30pm to 9pm
2) Saturday-Sunday 8am to 10pm
3) Holidays When Ever Im Online

Please Post Legit On My Topic
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