MW2 Modding Section Rules

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MW2 Modding Section Rules

Post  Official Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:40 pm

With the latest release of the TU7 bypass for Modern Warfare 2, there are tons of users that can host 'Modded Lobbies' now. It has came to my attention that there are also numerous users who are also hosting illegitimate lobbies in hopes for rep, thanks, and subscribers for their youtube channels. With that being said there will be simple rules that you will need to follow throughout this section.

Rules for this section:
1: You must show valid proof of you being able to host 'Modded Lobbies'. This means that you WILL need to show picture/video proof of you IN GAME with your username on a piece of paper.

2: Any types of Topics asking for rep,thanks,or subscribers will NOT be tolerated.

3: If you are caught doing the childish act of posting FAKE lobbies you will instantly receive a 72 hour suspension.

4: 'Challenge Lobbies' and 'Unlock All Lobbies' are not available at this time, and any user claiming to be hosting these are fake. The only type of lobbies available at this time are XP lobbies and some infections.

5: You are not allowed to charge for any of these lobbies.

As always, if you do not abide by these Section Rules and the Community Rules you will receive a warning and possibly a ban depending on recent actions.
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