How To Bypass MW2

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How To Bypass MW2

Post  Official Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:33 pm

How to bypass the update for MW2 so you can join bypass lobbies.

Text Guide

1) Download elite mossy patch blocker -
2) On the XMB go to >> game >> game data and delete the mw2 data, if you have the dlc it will delete it.
3) Go to system >> network settings >> edit settings
4) Do your normal settings up until it says "Use proxy"
5) Click yes
6) Open up elite mossy patch blocker from step 1 on your PC
7) The number in the patch blocker, enter that on your PS3 as the proxy.
Cool Finish and test connection
9) If it works go to MW2
10) It shouldn't ask for an update, if it doesn't go to multiplayer and you are bypassing.
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