Best Nuke Boosting Technique

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Best Nuke Boosting Technique

Post  Official Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:24 pm

If you want to do some serious nuke boosting follow the directions.
*Thanks go to iBullet for providing information*
Pick a trusted friend that wont mess anything up.

both you and your friend will need the same class.
Primary Weapon: almost any gun that is silenced
Secondary: Machine pistol silenced
Equipment: Tactical Insertion
Perk One: Scavenger / pro
Perk Two: Cold Blooded / pro
Perk Three: Ninja / pro
Death Streak: Copy Cat **Not Martydom**
The rest doesn't really matter.

Once you both have the class above go into a private chat with your friend. One of you will search for a game of Free for All. Once they (or you) get into a game the other person has to join session in progress when able to.

Once both of you are in the same game you will need to find some amazing hiding spots.

Once you are both at the same spot both of you put down your tactical insertion then one person will kill the other. Once you kill him wait for him to put down the tactical insertion again and keep killing him. The best way to do it is have one person get all 25 kills one game then have the other person get the 25 kills the next game.
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